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Reviews and feedback of Buggysnuggle

We really do welcome feedback from our customers on any aspect of our business, from our products to our service and communication. 

From our own experience as internet shoppers we think it really helps customers choose the best product for them after reading what other people thought about a particular product. We also want to keep improving our business so comments about other aspects of the business will help us with that!

It’s also really great to get positive feedback! Sometimes, late at night when you’re working away on some crucial bit of work, after you’ve been to the PTA meeting, fed and bathed the kids, crammed down some food, you wonder if it’s all worth it! Then you receive a lovely email from a satisfied customer….. and realise that it is!

So as a little encouragement (some might call it a bribe!) to get you to email us with your feedback, we will enter all comments into a draw each month. The winner (drawn at random) will receive a surprise Buggysnuggle product!

We would ask that even if you’re a bit fed up with us, you try to keep the criticism constructive! The aim of the feedback is mainly to help other customers choose products and for us to improve our business!

We will publish all reviews - the good, the bad and the ugly, unless they are really OTT or we feel that they are not genuine or they are too rude or have anything else that will get us in trouble with lawyers!

Our feedback and reviews:

“Just wanted to thank you for amazing fast delivery on my recent order. I was amazed when the postman delivered my parcel, and am delighted with my summer buggy snuggle, I can't believe that no other companies seem to make such a thing, it's exactly what I was looking for (after constantly getting cotton blankets caught round the buggy wheels with my first baby, I am very happy to have just the thing for the job this time!).

Thanks again for great service, and a great product.” – K.D. Jun’15


fl_sm “My 12 week old baby girl loving her first time in her big sister's buggysnuggle!” – S.S. Apr’15


fl_sm “We love our new picnic blanket. Its bigger than I thought it would be (which is a very good thing). This is my 7, 6 and 3 year olds and still room for Mum!” – E.P. Apr’15


fl_sm “Cuddles before school this morning all cosy in their sofa snuggle!” – J.G. Mar’15

fl_sm “This product is BEAUTIFUL ! and so so snuggly. It was described as a grab a blanket on your way out and that is exactly how we are using it! It is fantastic for the pram, the car, the sofa, being carried…. It’s just great! Soft, warm, cuddly and funky! Your service and products are a credit to you A1 all the way! Super product, super speedy delivery! Thank you from one very very happy customer who will be returning to your site regularly.

Thank you! You should all be very proud of yourselves!” – D.M. Mar’15


fl_sm “Snuggle buddies!!” – C.G. Mar’15


fl_sm “Hands up if you love buggysnuggles! Kitty keeping cosy and warm on the school run! x” J.G. Feb’14


fl_sm “We love our bright bubble-print buggy snuggle. It’s cosy, warm and easy to fit. It also washes and tumble dries well. Fabulous purchase!” – J.D. Dec’14


fl_sm“Miss S. loving her new BigBug buggysnuggle arrived in less than 24 hours from placing order!” M. Riley – Dec’14


fl_sm “A couple of months ago, I ordered the lion cotton seat snuggle for my daughter's buggy. It was such a hit that for weeks she wanted to spend as much time as possible in her buggy! She'd ask to be placed in the seat and then snuggle up in the soft fabric or sit and look at the beautiful print! I have attached a photo which I think sums up her love for the cover - and yes, she is in her nightwear, first job of the day, get in the buggy with the buggysnuggle! Thank you!” – K.M. Aug’14

fl_sm “I ordered a Russian doll buggy snuggle on Sunday afternoon and I cannot believe it has turned up Tuesday morning! The fabric is so soft, the pattern is gorgeous and so unusual, I have had loads of compliments already and not even been out the door. So so so impressed!” B.C. Feb’14


fl_sm “I wanted to share a photo of my 8 month old twins, John and Sophie Williams all wrapped up for an afternoon walk. They are so cosy, wish they came in adult size!” – K.W. Oct’13

fl_sm “FAB Product!! Not wanting to spend £100 on the matching cosytoes for my pushchair, I stumbled across your website. The video of the boy putting the snuggle on was enough to make me make a purchase! Ordered a plain black one as we have a bright pushchair but was not disappointed. It arrived very quickly, within 2 days, perfect as we were going away for the weekend. It withstood a rainy weekend in Windsor and kept little one comfy as we plodded around Legoland. He slept for 3 hours so it must be comfy! Even the husband said what a good purchase it was – must be good.  I never leave reviews but felt I must do this time.

Thank-you, I will definitely be recommending you to all my baby friends. Just wish I’d known about it for my older children.” – C.C. Oct’13

Marla Cows

fl_sm “Just to say we love our cow fur buggysnuggle, and we think the locals approve too!” – P.G. Oct’13


fl_sm Such a cute photo sent in by Amy Johnson Mar’12

BABYSNUG-2BABYSNUG-3BABYSNUG-4BABYSNUG-1fl_sm “I had my first baby at the start of this year, and am totally in love with him! I had SO much fun planning for his arrival all the way through my pregnancy and, being an organised person in my job, I had tried to plan for every eventuality with my shopping etc. With him being a winter baby we got well stocked up with little snowsuits, blankets, hats, gloves etc, but the best buy by FAR has been the two Buggysnuggles that I happened across due to an old school friend liking your page on Facebook. Now I am in love with baby Jack AND Buggysnuggles! I have the stripey blue one, and the Cowmooflage one (if that is what it is called), and have had very positive comments on both of them from friends and strangers alike. I also have to say that they are SO much easier to use than any of the other items that I had previously purchased to keep him warm in his buggy, and I will never look back now! Thank you very much for your fab idea, and I promise to tell as many people as I can about you! I have posted 4 pics of baby Jack in his blue Buggysnuggle on your Facebook page so you can see how much he loves it too!” - Kirsty Norwood (and Jack) Feb’12

fl_sm “I was given the first size of Bsnug by my daughter's god-mother and then inherited the next size from her daughter. They are wonderful! I wish they came in bigger sizes as I would buy more, they are so handy to put on when you are just popping out in the car and a snow suit would be too much but you know your little one will kick off a blanket!” – Laura Hunter Feb’12

SLEEPYfl_sm “Not sure this picture needs a explanation of how comfortable Brodie finds his Buggysnuggle! Even when he doesn't have it wrapped up over him he finds it so cosy that he naps within 5 mins walking his big sister to school! I always recommend the buggysnuggles to anyone on the lookout for a footmuff and I am always thanked for it! I have had a few over the years from my very first Pink Stripe with my eldest daughter to now with my not so baby boy! Lovely thick, warm, soft and washes and dries back up just like a new product. Money most definately well spent. Thankyou Buggysnuggle for providing six and a half cosy years to my children and heres to at least another year!” – Hollie Brackenridge Jan’12

fl_sm “Just wanted to let you know how much my 2 youngest children, and myself, love your Buggysnuggles!! I ordered a pink strawberry fur snuggle for my baby daughter and bright stripe fleece for my 3 yr old son and they are fantastic, they keep them so warm, even on very cold days, my son had outgrown all of our other footmuffs, yet he still has room in the Buggysnuggle! When they first arrived, my son asked if he could have it on his bed!! I received a free hat with my purchase during your special offer, and opted for the pink pompom, I can say with all honesty, it is the only hat that my little girl doesn't pull off and throw on the floor, so it must be very comfy for her. I also love how much the Buggysnuggles brighten up my pushchair, and receive compliments on them on an almost daily basis. They are also so quick and easy to fit and remove, they fit every pushchair I have tried them on which is fab! Your fast delivery is fantastic and I have recommended Buggysnuggles to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you!” - Vicky Hodder Jan’12

fl_sm “I just wanted to say thank you for the positive experience I have had with buying and now using your buggysnuggle. My baby loves his cosy little nest - its just what we needed as the footmuff which we bought to match our pushchair is hopeless. Over the last few weeks I have spent many a wasted hour chasing up and complaining about orders I had made with online companies so it was very refreshing that your website was easy to use, the goods arrived on time and were in brilliant condition.” - Laura Kelsey Jan’12

RETRO-SPOTTY-2fl_sm “Baby Leon out for a boxing day stroll all warm & snuggly in his new buggysnuggle from father Christmas :) thankyou for the super quick delivery xxx” – Kelly Jan’12

fl_sm “Wow!!! i am so impressed firstly with the great customer service and fast delivery and secondly with the beautiful quality of my sons blue stripe buggysnuggle. i ordered late thur afternoon and it arrived sat morn!!! I was a bit concerned it would be too thin but that concern disappeared as soon as i got my hands on my buggysnuggle. it is soft luxurious snuggly and well everything and more you would expect from a buggysnuggle. it is the perfect thickness to keep little un warm with cooking them. it is so bright and just gorgeous. i am sooo happy with it. buggysnuggles are definitely worth every penny. would order from you again :-D” – Danielle Blossom Dec’11

fl_sm “My mum bought my Buggysnuggle for my youngest daughter (Amy - 5 months) in an independent baby shop in her hometown of Perth. It is fabulous! It's in the simple Pink Stripe fabric and is so cosy and I've had several comments asking what is is, where can I get it etc. etc. I have a 2 year old daughter Charlotte, and 5 month Amy in my Silvercross pop duo buggy. So Buggysnuggle is perfect to jazz up and personalise a buggy and is nice to keep one side snuggly and girly and cosy for my baby and a lot more exciting than the standard cosy toes it comes with. As winter draws in I'd like to get a matching blanket for my toddler to have on the other side of buggy, and after checking out your website you so know I'm going to NEED to order the pink stripe crown hat! Its a must that my girlies must accessorise! On cold days I wish I could get in there too and snuggle down :) Thanks for a wicked product!” – Alison Hoggan Nov’11

WARM-STRIPE-DINKYfl_sm “Our baby was premature and I didn't know how I was going to keep him warm and cosy over winter. Then I found buggysnuggle. We loved our warm stripes buggysnuggle so much that we've ordered the furry autumn leaves for Christmas!  I wish I could climb into it too.” - Josie, Nick and Benjy Nov’11

fl_sm “I absolutely love my B-Snug. My 6 week old baby doesn't like putting a snow suit on but didn't mind this. Also it's a lot easier and quicker because you don't have to take her out when transferring her from her pram to the car seat as the seat belt can be done up with it still on. I like how there is enough space for me to be able to put a cardigan on her underneath without it being difficult. On pram suits I've used in the past with my son the arms were really tight. I've also got a buggy snuggle for my 2 and a half year old son. It fits my baby jogger city select really well. The fabric is soft and warm and there were a lot of designs to choose from. I think the quality of both products are great and I highly recommend to everyone.” – Life is Louder Nov’11

fl_sm “Just a quick email to say thanks Buggysnuggle - yet again you have come up trumps! During a recent visit to hospital when my son had croup we discovered that keeping our little boy warm seemed to help ease the symptoms - and so the buggysnuggle came off the pushchair and was used to wrap my sons chest to help ease his croup. Plus, I think the familiar smell and feel of his buggysnuggle helped relax him too! Thankyou yet again for your wonderful products.” – Kate Fever Nov’11

fl_sm “Wow!!! i am so impressed firstly with the great customer service and fast delivery and secondly with the beautiful quality of my sons blue stripe buggysnuggle. i ordered late thur afternoon and it arrived sat morn!!! I was a bit concerned it would be too thin but that concern disappeared as soon as i got my hands on my buggysnuggle. it is soft luxurious snuggly and well everything and more you would expect from a buggysnuggle. it is the perfect thickness to keep little un warm without cooking them. it is so bright and just gorgeous. i am sooo happy with it. buggysnuggles are definitely worth every penny. would order from you again :-D” - Danielle Blossom Nov’11

fl_sm “Hello I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase. I couldn't decide which buggysnuggle to purchase and in the end I got the spots and stripes in blue. It arrived at my mums today and my mum and 19month old son have tested it out and it's got a huge thumbs up! My mum is now looking to purchase one from you! My son is very tall for his age and I've been struggling to find a long footmuff that was stylish yet practical and functional and then I found you on pushchair trader fb page. I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. The delivery service has been excellent too. Many thanks” - Nicola Robertson Nov’11

fl_sm “I just can't tell you how much I love my son's buggy snuggle it's gorge! Was delivered within two days and It fits on my Bugaboo perfectly. Joshua is so snug and warm and I'm loving all the attention were getting because of it. Family are all asking questions about it and I'm now worried they're going to copy haha. Only joking can't blame them as it looks fab and I'm waiting for the cold weather so we can put it to the test. I'm so glad I chose not to buy the co-ordinating footmuff for my pram and went with the buggy snuggle instead I'm just thrilled!!!” – Amy Newman Nov’11

fl_sm “Just to let you know that after using my buggysnuggle for my pushchair for last 3 years, my 5 year old daughter has now found a new use for it - and now uses it for snuggling up in to watch TV on the cold autumn evenings. LOVE Buggysnuggle!” – Kate Fever Oct’11

fl_sm<Digimax S1000 / Kenox S1000>The BABYSNUG is ideal for cold mornings on the school run and much easier to use than a snowsuit!” – Emma Saunders Sept ‘11

fl_sm “My son was born prematurely and so we wanted a cosytoes for our pram that would keep him warm and comfortable while he was still so little, but that would also last for the whole time he was using a pushchair. The buggysnuggle did all those things and more! We used it folded up at the bottom when he was in his infant carrier car seat and it kept his teeny tiny body warm and snug. We then used it on the pram, removing the top and using as a liner when the warmer weather came. We then transferred it to the stroller as he grew and it lasted comfortably until he stopped using a pushchair aged 3. He is now 3 and a half and we actually used it this weekend - we went to a carnival and so took the pushchair to use as a comfy seat to watch the procession - the buggy snuggle came into its own again as a warm blanket for a cold autumn evening. The buggy snuggle fulfilled all our needs, and managed to do it stylishly too with its funky design :)” - Kate Fever Sept ‘11

fl_sm “Hi, just wanted to say thank you for my fabulous pom pom buggysnuggle. I had 2 for my daughter and so my son needed one the minute he was born!! Just gutted that it's glorious sunshine, so I can't show it off to it's full glory! :-( Roll on colder days next week! :-)” - Nicola Thompson Sept ‘11

fl_sm COW-BABYSNUG-2“the moosuit BabySnuggle was supercute and very toasty warm for my littlest. The quality and width was great... but she was straining at the lower seams when she was 4 months old so I would recommend that any mums who are told that they have a 'long' baby get the next size up for maximum wear ;)" – Emily Evans Sept’11


fl_sm “Thank you so much for my very speedy order! Brilliant service, excellent product, fantastic all round, will be passing on website to all my friends. Thanks again” - Amber Tempelaars Sept ‘11

fl_sm “I've received the products this morning and just wanted to say how lovely they are. I'm really very pleased - such lovely quality, very quick delivery & you've been so helpful in answering my queries. I'll definitely recommend you to friends.” – Sarah Bridger Sept ‘11

fl_sm “Just wanted to say thank you, and that I LOVE the Buggy Snuggle! Excellent service! Have a lovely day!” - Merethe Saeboe Jul’11

fl_sm“Just thought id write a review for my bright multi-colour stripes buggysnuggle... i love love love it, it looks so good on my buggy, really funky. my baby looks so cosy in it, and i can tell he likes the softness of the fabric, as he holds it and falls asleep. When i go out i have so many admiring looks, and little kids always make comments to there mummy too, i live in france so not many people have a buggysnuggle here YET (so glad you deliver to europe now, i had to order mine to my parents in the uk!) I even got stopped at the supermarket by a lady working in the boulangerie to ask where i got my snuggle, and when i go into the kiddyshop, the lady says oh its the little boy with the colourful buggy :) now i really want a beachbug, but I’ll wait until you have more designs and colours although i'm very tempted to go for the nautical one, almost ordered it today, but stopped myself... i know i will end up buying it though, the little voice inside my head is saying...go for it, you know you want too ;-) - Farhana May’11

fl_sm “I only just came across your website and I love it!!!! Fantastic layout and lots of gorgeous designs to choose from!! Can't wait to see the summer collection!!!!” – Rebecca Powell Mar’11

fl_sm “I recently bought one of your buggysnuggles for my Baby Jogger Select pushchair and just thought I'd send you my feedback on it. I've got the waterproof black and white spotty one. It fits really nicely and am really pleased at the amount of legroom there seems to be in it, no chance of her outgrowing it any time soon.                                                                         Am pleased with how thin it is yet how warm it seems to be, my previous one was really 'boxy' and padded and just didn't look as attractive. Like the double zip and boot opening, it'll be really handy for muddy wellies.” - Karrie Alexander Feb ’11

fl_sm “Hi Sarah & Jo, I recently ordered a Buggysnuggle for my Maclaren Pushchair, as I was fed up of my little girl having cold feet as she was always kicking off her blanket! I ordered the green one with flowers on and I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with it! It was so easy to fit and looks really funky! Plus you can still fold the buggy up with it on. I have recommended it to my friend who is also going to purchase one and I was originally recommended one by my friend!” – Clare at Jan ‘11

fl_sm “Hi, Our Buggysnuggle arrived this morning! It's wonderfulllll!!!! Thank you very much!” - Sara & Marco Jan ‘11

fl_sm imageimage“I thought you would like to see these photos of my wee man Ally in the snow - he has a baby sledge fitted with a buggy snuggle to keep him warm! Much easier in our present weather than a pushchair!” – Tanya Jan ’11

fl_sm “We are delighted with the Buggysnuggle we ordered yesterday, which arrived this morning, so welcome in this very cold weather. Thank you very much, Pleased nana” – Dec ‘10

fl_sm “Today I've received my order, a fantastic Buggysnuggle for my baby girl. Thank you very much for the fast and good service that you offer. I wish I could find Buggysnuggle in Spain (God blesses internet LOL).” – Isabel Dec’11

fl_sm “Just a quick thank you for a very fast delivery of our luxury Buggysnuggle in lime with flowers. We love it! If only I could squeeze into it myself in this weather!! It fits well on our Zia and also on our Easywalker duo. Will be recommending you to friends & family.” – Wendy Nov ’10

fl_sm “I recently came across your website as I could not find in my area any larger footmuffs and I then ordered (from yourselves) the snowflake design buggysnuggle and was so pleased with the fantastic quality of the same. I can't believe how well made they are and also the thickness of the material.” – Catherine Buswell Nov ‘10

fl_sm “Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for such a fantastic product and service. Ordered 2 of your Buggysnuggles. Our daughter absolutely loves them she looks very cosy and warm and she even tried to take it out of her pushchair to cuddle up on the sofa with!! Wish I had seen these when she was first born would not have gone anywhere else would highly recommend.
Thank you for keeping our daughter so warm and happy when out and about!” - Wendy Cowles Oct ’10

imagefl_sm “THANK YOU so much for my georgous Buggysnuggle that I’ve just opened and is currently on my lap – it’s FAB and I love it. Thank you so so so much! – Polly at Oct’10

fl_sm “Thought I'd write to just let you know that during a recent trip to Canada we realised we were getting a lot of admiring glances at our buggy. The buggy itself is old, battered and nothing out of the ordinary and a lot of the time my toddler was running about elsewhere so I can't claim credit at having an incredibly cute child (even though I think he is, of course)! So we were puzzled until other mums started approaching us and asking about the buggysnuggle - it's the cow one by the way. No-one there had heard of them and seemed very interested in the concept and the design. So, we wondered if you didn't already supply that part of the world maybe there's a whole market out there just crying out  to discover your buggysnuggles! Just to add, ours has now seen us through 2 children and numerous washes and is still going strong. My youngest won't get in his buggy unless the buggysnuggle is attatched, even in the height of summer! We think they're just fantastic and recommend them to everyone! - Ellie O'Connor Oct ‘10

fl_sm “I received my buggysnuggle this morning and thought I'd send you a quick email to thank you very much for getting it to me so quickly. I love it and it is such great quality! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends! Thanks again.” - Kylie Robinson Oct ’10

fl_sm “Just to say a massive thank you for your quick & efficient service.  I ordered a babysnuggle as well as a buggysnuggle - what great ideas.  The only problem I had with your website was that there were so many cool designs I didn't know what one to choose.  Never knew fleece could get me soooo excited!!!!!!” - Tracy McCune Oct ‘10

fl_sm “I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my order yesterday. The Buggysnuggle has just arrived and its lovely! Really pleased, can’t wait to use it. First class service!” - Isabel Howarth Sept ‘10


fl_sm “I attach a picture of my daughter in last winter's hat. Adorable, practical and attracted lots of wonderful comments. Thanks again” – S. Harris – Sept 2010

fl_sm “Just wanted to say thank you for the super speedy delivery of my Buggysnuggle, I ordered it  on Thursday and received it on Saturday, just in time for our day out today! It is perfect! What an excellent product, I absolutely love it, my little boy looked gorgeous all snug in it out and about and then when the sun finally came out I just unzipped it - easy!” - Mrs Spicer - A Very Happy Customer! June 2010

fl_sm “I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Grape Flowers Buggysnuggle I purchased for my 2 year old daughter. I required a new "cosy toe" as she had outgrown the one that came with her pushchair. I only wish I'd discovered you sooner!! It is absolutely fantastic and my daughter absolutely loves it!! We ordered it late on a Sunday night and it arrived by Tuesday! Absolutely fantastic service.” - J.L. Oct 09

fl_sm “I just wanted to say thanks for my Buggysnuggle! I love it. I was just starting to hate my boring pushchair and now it looks fab!” - L.W. Sept 09

fl_sm “I just wanted to say how impressed I've been with your customer service - I ordered a Buggysnuggle on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived in the post this morning which is fantastic as I can't use my new Maclaren buggy without it. The snuggle itself is excellent quality and looks really cosy. I also found your website well laid out and really easy to use. I bought one of the waterproof snuggles and I was looking for info on whether I could wash it - two minutes looking on the website and I found the information I needed. I know this probably sounds really silly but to a mum of a 13 month old anything quick and easy to use is a lifesaver!” – C.C. – March 09

fl_sm “I would like to say how imprJessed I was at the speed my order was delivered. I ordered it Saturday evening and the postman was delivering it to my door lunchtime today (Tuesday). I already had a Buggysnuggle for my pushchair from my first child (and now using for my 2nd) which prompted me to buy the Dinkysnuggle for the car seat for my 2nd child in this cold weather. The Buggysnuggle is still in excellent condition 2 years on after buying, using and washing it frequently after muddy walks!” -H.H. Jan '09

fl_sm “Just thought I'd send you a quick Thank you. I ordered a buggy snuggle as a last ditch attempt to stop my son screaming in the buggy despite piling on gloves hats scarves and blankets. At my wits end I thought maybe he’s still cold, ordered one on Thursday it was here by Sunday. I have just been into Bath Christmas shopping for two hours and nothing not even a whimper. Thank you for a great product and have a Happy Christmas!” – L.Y. Dec 08

fl_sm “I recently bought my second 'batch' of snuggles from you, previously I had purchased a baby & buggy snuggle for baby number two in the cow & flower prints. I have now bought another Buggysnuggle for baby number three, and a blanket for my now toddler, in the retro spot water-proof & again the flower print. Both of these items were new to the range since last time. I'm pleased I had a boy this time as it was a good excuse to buy a different design of snuggle! I love them just as much as the last ones, it's just a shame we won't be having any more babies but I will continue to recommend your company & products to anyone else who will listen!” – S.S. Dec 08

fl_sm “I just wanted to say that we received our Buggysnuggle less then 24hrs after we ordered!! Super speedy delivery and the product is fab, I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family.” - Z.C. Nov' 08

fl_sm “Thank you for your very swift delivery of the two Buggysnuggles - My daughter and her 7 month old twins are delighted with them. The babies didn't really like being in their buggy until it was fitted out with Autumn Swirl Buggysnuggles. The transformation from grizzle to happy and contented was truly amazing! My grand daughter was crying as I put her into the buggy, sat her in the Buggysnuggle and she beamed at me, her brother was likewise entranced. Thank you!” - B.S Oct '08

fl_sm “Your Buggysnuggle is a great product and your turn around is excellent. Really impressed! My little boy is happy. The wind doesn't go up his trouser legs and he no longer gets tangled up in a blanket!” - J.H. Oct' 08

ARCHIE_ORANGE_POM-Katy-Masonfl_sm “I just have to say how impressed I am with my Buggysnuggle that arrived this morning. I ordered it in the Red and Orange Pom Pom fabric as my Maclaren buggy is also Tan, Red and Orange. It is always so difficult to gauge true colours from pictures but when I opened it this morning it was exact! I have already been out for a walk and have had many admiring glances from other mums! It is perfect for my son as he always kicks of his blanket but he was happy to snuggle under this!” - K.M. Aug '08

fl_sm “The Buggysnuggle is beautiful and arrived on 22nd at 10am! I ordered it on the 20th at 9 o'clock in the evening!! How do you do that!!!! Most impressive.” - D.T. Aug'08

fl_sm “I can't believe how quickly you sent this out - I only ordered it yesterday! Excellent service, thank you. I love my daughter's new Buggysnuggle - we've been out three times today, just so I can show it off!” - M.G. Apr '08

fl_sm “Just a quick note to say what an excellent experience I had using your internet site. The site was easy to use and my order arrived in record time and was very well packaged and presented. I would certainly recommend you!” - T.G. Feb '08

fl_sm “I ordered from you just a few days (maybe 3 or 4?) ago and today my Buggysnuggle arrived in Germany!! That was reeeeaaaaally fast! The buggysnuggle is wonderful and my son is sleeping outside in it right now - I love it and the service was brilliant! I will highly recommend you to my ‘motherfriends’” - S.L. Feb '08

fl_sm “Hi just a quick message to say how delighted I was with the Babysnuggle I recently purchased. I dont want to take my baby out of it he's so cuddly. The amount of people who have said how cute my baby looks and how cosy he is in it. Needless to say, I told them where I got if from, with pride I might add! I cant wait to purPINK_POM_GRACE-Sian-Howellschase the Super Duper Buggysnuggle in the same pattern!” - J.E. Dec '07

fl_sm “Grace loves your buggysnuggle. Thank you!” – S. Howells – Oct 2007

fl_sm “What a fantastic product!! Ours arrived this morning and we love it! So does our little boy - he's just been out in it for the first time and he spent the entire walk stroking it and talking to it. He stayed lovely and toasty despite the bitter wind, too. I'm going to recommend you to all the mums I know - brilliant item and really good service. Thank you!” - A.W. Nov '07

fl_sm “Just a quick note to say thank you for the really quick delivery of our 2 Buggysnuggles, they are fantastic! Really good service.” - L.C. Oct '07

fl_sm “Thank you so much for sending our Buggy Snuggle out so quickly. We ordered it on Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning. We put it on our travel system and went shopping. Within 10 minutes we had 7 people ask where they could buy one from! We chose the Bright Stripe one and it goes perfectly with our black and red Jane travel system” - H.H. and Mae (3 weeks old) Nov '07

fl_sm “Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service - I received my Buggysnuggles and hats within 24 hours of ordering!! Amazing!  They are lovely and will keep my girls much warmer as they do tuck right up to their shoulders if need be! Thanks once again for such a quick response and lovely product.” - K.C. Nov 06COW_TWINS_Katherine-Collyer

fl_sm “Loving the cow fur baby snuggle I received this month. Have only managed to use it once so far but it got lots of admiration from the other mums! Hurry up winter, I say! Thanks for such lovely products!” - S.S. Sept 06

fl_sm “I recently placed an order for a red yetti Buggysnuggle and blanket and I have to say I am totally impressed. What speedy service, they were delivered really quickly and were far better than I expected them to be! I will definitely be ordering again (I already have my eye on a couple in the new collection and the hats) and I have already recommended them to my friends and on several parenting websites.” - V.M. Sept 06

fl_sm “Thank-you very much we received our Buggysnuggle today (quick delivery) and it is lovely it matches the pushchair really well and feels really cozy and warm.......cant wait to put my baby in it and take him out for a cozy walk!” V.S. March '06

fl_sm “I bought a retro spot blanket for my daughter in January and it gets so much use and admiring! I’ve also got 2 of the windproof cow Buggysnuggles. They are brilliant and as well as being much admired, it is great to know that my poppets are toasty. My windproof cow saw my (now not so quite) baby son through a winter in the Alps where we were constantly out for lots of lovely walks in the freezing cold and it was always good to know that he was safe in his buggy with his Buggysnuggle!” - G.P. Jun '06

fl_sm “I am so impressed with the Buggy Snuggle company and would have no hesitation in recommending it. The service you provided was above and beyond expectation. Thank you!” - A.H. Jan '06

fl_sm “I'd like to say that your product is fantastic, the speed of delivery was second to none, I love the look and feel of the buggy snuggle and my daughter developed an instant attachment to the hat.” - L.M. Jan '06

fl_sm “Thanks for the prompt delivery! The Babysnuggle is brilliant and my baby loves it. I can't believe how much she attention she gets when wearing it and the weekly shop takes twice as long as we get stopped by cooing adults. She is also the envy of the baby groups!” - N.P. Jan '06

fl_sm “I (and my daughter) absolutely love it, thank you so very much. She is as snug as a bug in a rug and I have been telling everyone how fab they are. Many thanks once again.” - A.G.

fl_sm “I just wanted you to know that I DELIGHTED with it [the Buggysnuggle] and have sent your fantastic website to many of my friends. Keep up the good work... my son looks adorable and snug and Me and his Daddy are over the moon with it...” - D.S.

fl_sm “It [the Buggysnuggle] is still looking as good as it did the day it arrived (despite frequent washing to remove the yucky substances only babies can produce!)” - R.W.

fl_sm “Just to let you know I think your products are fabulous! I have the Bright Stripe Buggysnuggle - this order is for the hat to match!” - J.S. - Jan '06

fl_sm “A really lovely, clearly set out catalogue with gorgeous products” - M.

fl_sm “I can’t actually believe the amount of people that have stopped me over the last month” - J.B.

fl_sm “It’s [the Buggysnuggle] lovely quality and I’m more than happy” - H.M.

fl_sm “excellent service from your company” - R.A.

fl_sm “people always comment on how fab it looks” - R.W.

fl_sm “Thank you very much for an excellent service” - C.H.

fl_sm “From her [my baby’s] point of view, it keeps her really toasty and she loves the feel of it” - H.W.

fl_sm “Many thanks for my lovely new foot muffs. Here are my twin boys modelling them for you to see! Many thanks again” - A.W.

fl_sm “Thank you for my wonderful Buggysnuggle that I purchased from you at the beginning of the winter. It keeps my two year old daughter lovely and warm and I get lots of admiring glances and enquiries as to where I purchased it from!” - C.G. 

fl_sm “I just wanted to say that I was really impressed with the speed of delivery having just received my Navy Sheep Buggy snuggle!!! Well done on your very prompt service!  Also, the snuggle fleece feels lovely and cosy - It is a shame you don’t make them in grown up sizes for snuggling on the sofa in winter!!!” - D.G.

fl_sm “Thanks very much. Already got our Buggysnuggle and we love it. Really great - thanks very much.” - S.D.