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Proudly designed in Britain

Here at The Buggysnuggle Company we have used UK manufacturers to produce our products since we launched in 1998. From a tiny unit in Salisbury, to a bigger unit in Cornwall, we have always supported British manufacturing. We still manufacture some products in Europe, but the vast majority are manufactured here in beautiful Cornwall.

Beautiful CornwallBuggysnuggles made in the UKBuggysnuggle HQ

Last year we introduced a new Union Jack logo label, so if your Buggysnuggle has one of these you know it was made in the UK!

All of our Buggysnuggles and other “snuggly stuff” are designed by me, at Buggysnuggle HQ – my office in the garden!

I draw many of our designs by hand and then send them to our lovely suppliers to transform them into our gorgeous fabrics! We source all our fabrics in the UK & Europe to ensure the highest quality & exclusivity.

I visit our factory regularly in Cornwall & have worked with the owners for over 20 years now! This ensures that the quality levels are of the highest standards.

I am passionate about supporting manufacturing in the UK & sourcing fabrics and trims in the UK & Europe. I have seen so many fabric mills close over the last 10 years because they can’t compete with China, and it saddens me that both the machinery & skills will be lost forever.

It is my hope that people appreciate that in order to source & manufacture in the UK & Europe, our products will cost a bit more than those mass produced in the Far East, however they will last & last & you can cherish them for years to come!


It’s amazing how many products are conceived after having children! There are lots of very inventive, entrepreneurial people out there - here are some other #GreatBritishBabyBrands and we have got together to offer 10% off using code BABY



CHILLIPEEPS – 3 Making life easier when out and about with babies, Chillipeeps 3in1 Teats and Spouts attach directly to all ready-made formula cartons (including SMA & HiPP); Aptamil, Cow&Gate, Fortini & Infatrini 200ml ready-made formula bottles and Evian, Volvic and Highland Spring water bottles.

LOVE_AMBERLOVE AMBER - Baltic Amber Jewellery for children and adults. UK based and free postage.

MAMA DESIGNSMAMA DESIGNS - A range of stylish products for mama and baby.

SKIBZ SKIBZ - Quality baby products all made with a sprinkling of quirkiness.

THATS_MINETHAT’S MINE - personalised embroidered gifts for babies, children and special needs.

FILL_N_SQUEEZEFILL'N'SQUEEZE - Baby food made squeezee.

GUMMEE_GLOVEGUMMEE GLOVE - The first teething mitten, designed for babies too young to grasp a traditional teething toy.

BUNDLEBEANBUNDLEBEAN - BundleBean has a range of multi-award winning innovative products that have been designed to protect your little ones whatever the weather. From a 5-in-1 universal waterproof footmuff, to a sling cover and an option for UV protection, BundleBean products are compact, practical and beautiful to help you get out and enjoy everyday adventures.

DRIBBLEBUSTERDRIBBLEBUSTER – The fashion bib and other accessories.

GUMIGEMGUMIGEM - Award winning range of silicone jewellery perfect for adults to wear when breastfeeding or baby wearing & a range of innovative teething toys.

PrintHAMSTER BAGS - Keep your buggy steady with this duo buggy bags. Ideal for shopping, days out and holidays.

TUMTUMSTUMTUM - Designed by parents, loved by kids. TUMTUM products include nifty design features to help eager toddlers with more enthusiasm than expertise.