The Buggysnuggle Company
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Why Buggysnuggle is Better

You may be wondering “what on earth is a “Buggysnuggle”? It is the original, universal, snuggly footmuff/cosytoes designed to drape around your baby like a blanket, without falling off or catching in the wheels of your pushchair. When I designed the first prototype back in 1997, the only footmuffs available were made of stiff, rough fabrics in dull colours. I wanted something soft, snuggly & colourful, so I invented the Buggysnuggle. Over the last 17 years I have made several tweaks to the original design, ensuring it keeps up with modern pushchair design.



Easy to use:

Value for money:


As The Buggysnuggle Company grew, we introduced other products to the range, all adhering to our philosophy of ‘snuggly stuff’. I hope you love our products as much as I enjoy designing them!